Film's Biography
Most of my Films have religious themes. I think religion is one of the most important products of humans and they are accustomed to that.   Every day they are finding something for decorating it to survive.


  • Rotative beliefs

This is a documentary film in 21 minutes which is made in digital format. This film is about a religious superstition is happening in some part of Iran. It is made in 2008 and it is sold to BBC Persian.

  • Green Blood

In presidential election in Iran in 2009, the Islamic government had a massive cheating in election. Lots of people demonstrated against government and lots of people were killed. The Green Blood is made for showing Islamic violence to worldwide. This film is distributed on DVD in Iran and at the same time it released on YouTube. It is shown from Voice of America and at the same time I had a live interview with the VOA. Actually, Green Blood was my exile's reason.

  • Water and Fire

Hinduism has a numerous Gods and study about Hinduism needs to study about its Gods. Water and fire takes a close look to Hinduism's Gods and it is made in Malaysia.

  • Toil Travel

It is a documentary about cult, religious' ceremonies and living style of Hinduism from birth to death. It has focused on birth, wedding, Thaipusam, Deepavali and burning corpse after death. "Toil Travel" is made in Malaysia.

  • Evergreen

It is an animation in ten minutes that is made as an experience when I was teaching in "Superior Training Center of Revolution" in Tehran.

  • Windows Distance

It is a short fiction film that is made in 1998. It is my first experience in film-making. I have always loved it.