Mohamad Azadfekr

I was born in Tehran, Iran. I have studied the visual arts and have been working several years in journalism and film making. Most of my time has been dedicated to graphic design and photography. I do more than just photography and graphic design- they are just my favorites. I love to Photoshop art and photos frequently.



published Articles in websites

These years, I have been involved in a little bit of Politics. Basically, anyone who has been living in a dictatorship knows people want to achieve democracy and stop their suffering. I've spent a lot of years writing political articles that are posted on Iranian opposition websites.


Films and Animation

I made an animated film name "Ever Green" a short movie called "The Distance of Windows" and four documentary films named- "rotative Beliefs", "Green Blood", "Water and Fire", "Toil Travel". My documentaries usually focus on religious themes and education on religion. Green Blood forced the Iran regime to put me into Exile.


Photography & Artworks

Photography and all the visual arts are my passions. I'm interested in nature and social themes. This is just a small part of my work.

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Silk Screen


When I was young I started to work on Silkscreen design and print. Later in university while working on my thesis I investigated on pop art painters specially Andy Warhol. I used silkscreen techniques on my massive painting in dimension of 2X3 meters. In addition that I have several years experience in silkscreen's printing companies.




Since 1998 till 2005 I have worked as an art teacher in Revolution Superior Training Center in Tehran. Most of my students were teachers and they had come to improve their skills. Memory of those days is very alive yet.



Editor in chief

Since 2003 till 2009 I have published my own magazine called "sanat poushak" that was a Journal in field of fashion and garment industries. Writing a bout fashion is very hard in Iran. Unlike most people, fundamentalists Moslems dislike fashion. There is a lot of limitation against women in Iran. Women have to cover themselves with Hijab and in a such hard situation I was one of the first people who wrote about advantages of fashion in my magazine.



My first experience in filmmaking is related to work in a filmmaking company. I learned some basic techniques and I got a good chance to make my first film. Very soon, I discovered I am interested to documentary films. It is close to journalism world and I continued in this way.




I have studied in visual arts. I think painting is the first step to achieve the beauty and if we want to know about aesthetics, painting is the best way. Even when I listen to music, my imagination is concentrated on aspects of visual arts.




My acquaintance with computer was started with MS DOS but in 1997, I started graphic designing with PC in windows 3 and adobe Photoshop 3. At the same time I started to work in advertising agency and sometimes as a freelance graphic designer. When I established my own magazine, while I was editor in chief but I continued graphic design in my magazine.


In Farsi

I have written two kinds of articles. 1- About art and fashion 2- About politic
Since my exile, most of my articles are focused on politic that they are against Islamic regime and published on the internet. Among all, I love the first one which called "artistic policy or political art?"
I have written that in ABAN weekly journal, no 34, July 1998.
Since those days till now, I have problem with most artists who work for dictators regimes. Their art helps to dictators to oppression to people. This article says artists should not help dictatorship's governments. The arts must be noble, pure, liberal and avant-garde and the most important aim of artists is making question for people to help them to achieve the facts.




Photography is one of my most favorite activities. Most pictures are concentrating to basis of visual arts. In my opinion nature is the source of beauty and recourse to nature can improve and develop our artistic vision. Then it is evident that lots of my pictures are focused on details of nature.



I am worried about Iran

My country with a nice four season climate and a friendly and peaceful people 33 years ago made a big mistake in revolution and trusted to Mollas and during this 33; they have just had destitution, calamity, torture and execution. These years Iranians have had a sinister nightmare. So in such country some parts of my activities are involved in politic. Every day lots of Iranians are getting rid of Islam and I am positive one day we will achieve secularism and democracy.